“I am not Bush” What McCain wanted to say but didnt…

October 16, 2008 at 9:11 pm Leave a comment

“I am not Bush. If you wanted to run against him you should have done it four years ago…

I did run against him in 2000 (Were you in college then?). I should have been the president in 9/11 and if I was then the country would have looked much better now. But Bush swift boated me. And now he has left the country in such a mess that it’s impossible for anybody associated with Republicans to run to any public office.

And the mess we are in is not due to Republican ideology but rather due to Bush dishonesty, cronyism, and negative management skills. So no, I am not Bush and stop comparing me to him.”


That would have gotten the debate going… and McCain up in the polls.


To which Obama would have said “I fully agree with you regarding president Bush. And I even agree that if you were president in 2000 we would have been in a much better place right now. But a president cannot be separated from the party and mechanisms which elect him. You are part of the Republican party, always were and will continue to be if you were elected. And the mess we are in is also significantly due to republican ideology – the notion that free market and no regulation are the ultimate solution. Big, beaurocratic government is a problem. But “no government” is worse. Small, smart and selective regulation is the right way forward. And that’s the middle way which I am advocating and have been advocating for years.”


Unless we have another visit coming to us from Osama in the next three weeks, it Obama… and my bet is around 365-175.


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