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A few years ago, i was talking to somebody in Google and floated the idea of Google acquiring Apple. The reaction was something along the lines of “why should we?”. Well – it has been a few years since this conversation – and that is exactly the answer. While the merger between the giants might look good on paper – and can defintly excite a lot of reporters – in reality, the duo has been co-operating and reaping many of the mutual benefits that such a merger would bring them. Without having to go with all the monopolistic scrutiny, financial oversight and organization shock that a transaction would force them to go through. Or in other words – what else would you expect to see if the companies merged ?

As shown during the iPhone launch: “Apple introduced the iPhone today, and joining Steve Jobs onstage for about a minute was none other than Google CEO and Apple board member, Eric Schmidt.Schmidt was there to announce that Google Maps and Google search would be built into the iPhone”

Together, Google and Apple bring us the content we care about, on devices we care to have. This has huge impact for anybody thinking through the mobile or digital home space.

Google - Apple digital home properties combined


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