Flesh eating wireless viruses, perfect duds, FCC and more on Cellular Carterfone

May 21, 2007 at 4:42 pm Leave a comment

I was hoping to take a break from Carterfone. But then both me and Jason started reading the operators responses.


Stoppard has this line in ‘The Real Thing’ [Probably my favorite play] “Persuasive Nonsense. Sophistry in a phrase so neat that you can’t see the loose end that would unravel it. It’s flawless but wrong. A perfect dud. You can do that with words, bless ’em.

So we decided to unravel the crap the operators wrote. Full text is here

The argument is simple – the vigor and strength of the operators response (They even forced Motorola, Quallcomm and LG to support them) is the best indicator of how far the market is from being efficient and innovative. Otherwise – what are they afraid of ?

We outlined to remedies, which are easy tom implement and get the industry 90% of the way toward fixing the problems

  1. The Commission should require each carrier to publish the existing CPE standards they use for certifying devices for use on their networks. Carriers must accept any CPE that meets those standards, and can reject any CPE that does not. Certifications will be handled by existing companies who specialize in handset certification.
  1. The Commission should require each carrier to communicate to consumers what portion of their monthly bill is used to pay for service and what portion is used for the device. Furthermore, carriers should comply with Carterfone and offer a service-only plan.

Then we went on the address the specifc arguments the operators made – like protecting us from wireless viruses (Flesh eating?) or giving us free phones (Just pay us $50 for 48 month but its FREE) and more crap.

Next is to go in front of the FCC in person. Which should be fun



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