China’s shadow, immigration policy and how to steal the best brains.

April 25, 2007 at 7:07 am Leave a comment

I have just gone through Reed Hundt’s “In China’s shadow” power point book summary. Fun, easy to follow and very interesting. It’s not just interesting – it is probably one of the most important issues for determining if in 100 years the US will still be the World’s leader.

Which made me think about immigration policy. What if the US (In an act that none of us can imagine how it will pass through Congress) decided to offer Green Cards to any Chinese citizen who wants to immigrate to the US and has a MS or PhD degree in biotech, computer science or environmental studies?

Will they come? I bet a significant number will. Because it goes back to the exact core value of the US – and what China cannot offer – a free and open society (Yes my dear Yale/Berkeley friends – I know – mostly – but still quite better then the Communist party in China).

Influx of hundred of thousands of new, educated people into the work force? That’s great for the economy. You can almost do the back-of-envelope calculation: one million immigrants over a few years. Each buying a house. Getting high paid jobs (Which otherwise might have been outsourced to them in China). Not a bad deal.

And China – they will either have to make China more competitive for this highly skilled labor – make China more free and open so the US is not such a big carrot anymore. But wait – that’s what the US has been trying to push China to do for the last ten years…

Yeh – I know – nobody can get elected with this kind of policy. Yet it’s worth playing with the idea.



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