VON / New media and “Channels”

March 19, 2007 at 10:41 pm Leave a comment

@VON, the founder of Bittorrent argued that the “Channels” metaphor used by Joost is “out” and does not apply to new media. And as example brought his company website.

Is this correct? IMHO the way people watch TV is fundementaly different then how they interact with the computer. Active vs. Passive entertainment. Web navigation is active – try the homepage of bittorrent – how many options do you have – about 50-70 options you can click on to switch to the new screen. How may words ? How many images? This requires mental energy (minimal for most – but still energy) to analyze. And requires a decision. This is why it is “active” experience. Passive experience – think through your TV remote control. You can go up or down to switch channels (2 choices). Tivo – Up/Dn/Back/Select. iPOD – the same. These are more passive expiriences which are easier for the consumer and requires less mental energy.

Attempts to turn the living room TV into an active entertainment device ignore the consumer pshycology and the need that the TV fullfills – of “passive” entertainment. These are two different kind of entertainments that compete for our free time. And Channels are just an easy way to control your “passive” experience.

On the other hand – Tivo has succeded in expanding the passive expirience just enough so that it is still easy to use and requires minimal brain involvement, but it is reacher – ‘Tree’ like metaphor.

So where are we heading – Not a web like rich navigation but some richer version of the traditional cable TV. Probably something that is in between Tivo and Joost like experience.


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